Dizi Cashier

Dizi Cashier is a business management software is comprised of Sales, inventory and accounts mainly to take the hassle out of your small business. Dizi Cashier provides both web-based software and mobile application to save your time and effort by letting you manage your accounts on your terms anytime, anywhere.

What are the features of Dizi Cashier?

  • Multiple branch and company management from a single ID
  • User authorization & data security
  • Unlimited invoicing, challan & voucher printing
  • Receive and give payment to customer & supplier
  • Inventory management with transfer & adjustment facility
  • Production management for finished goods from raw materials
  • Track incomes – expenses & profit – loss
  • Barcode scan & printing option for products
  • Customer & Supplier ledger to check out dues and receivables
  • Sale exchange and return process
  • Full system is usable in Bangla language
  • Intuitive reports every modules of the software
  • Customizable multilevel chart of accounts
  • Tax Calculation Reports
  • Sale by Instalment & collect instalment from customer
  • Cash on Delivery & Courier Management
  • Free e-commerce webpage & order integration with software
  • Social media sharing of online store.
  • Comprehensible report generation with accurate data & sharing via email, printer etc.

Benefits of Dizi Cashier

  • Gives you mobility by accessing the system from anywhere, anytime.
  • Both web and mobile application version
  • No one-time cost or any hardware expenses
  • Gives accurate calculation about accounts
  • Single platform to run multiple branches
  • Free e-commerce webpage to boos up business
  • Enhance customer service by smoothing the daily operation
  • SMS notification & reminder system to keep updated with customers
  • Analytical visuals and different useful reports
  • Protects from theft, stock and data missing
  • Saves time and money to increase business efficiently
  • Makes free from the hustle of maintaining manual accounts management
  • Run multiple company from a single platform